About Us

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

As said Mr.C.Govindasamy son of Chinna Kulandai became an Artist and a Craftsman by undergoing learning classes with his guru at Devakottai. After laying a strong foundation he began to offer carpentering service all alone at various places around Chennai, Vellore, and South Tamil Nadu. At this phase, not only he offered his services but also taught many people to learn the craftsman’s work and this is where he transformed to Guru. With the intervention, guidance, and support of his soul partner Mrs.G.Gajalakshmi, he launched one small-scale industry named “Sri Gajalakshmi Saw Mill” at Melpatti, Vellore and this is where he transformed to Business Owner.

Right Things reaches Right People at the Right Time

The philosophy works for him.

And now this is the time where the young generation has to take the responsibility to transform his business to the next level. So Mr & Mrs.C.Govindasamy’s children G.Jeevanandam, G.Gopinath & K.M.Bharath were on the field. With the initiation, they have segmented the industries into two.

  1. Vellore Furniture – Place which deals with crafting furniture products.
  2. Sri Gajalakshmi Saw Mill – Place which deals with cutting, slicing, polishing timbers for making furniture products.

The process continues…